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Roomore apartment photographs in Thessaloniki
Roomore apartment photographs in Thessaloniki
Roomore apartment photographs in Thessaloniki
Roomore apartment photographs in Thessaloniki


Your accommodation
solution in the center
of Thessaloniki, 
where style meets
and affordability

Thessaloniki, aerial photo


In the heart of our city
you’ll feel our welcome
heart beat.

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Experience Thessaloniki
in the shoes of a local.

Girl in the balcony of an apartment in Thessaloniki centre
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Spread out and do
what you need to do
in style and comfort.


What’s cosmopolitan
if it doesn’t have
a gastronomical impact?

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Inside view roomore apartment in the centre of thessaoniki

ROOMORE is located in the historic Ifigenia building; one of the twelve buildings that have made up Aristotle Square since 1960. All Thessaloniki remembers the building's trademark sign - the large vertical neon "Ifigenia" of the like named cinema in the basement of the building. The years have passed though and the cinema after many uses, became one of the city's most celebrated live musical stages today. The twelve buildings that make up Aristotle Square have been rated as listed buildings since the 1960s.

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At the heart of the city
the entertainment never stops.


From town center: 0 m
From port: 0,4 km
From airport: 12 km
From closest seaside: 0,4 km
From Monastirioton Synagogue: 0,9 km



Attractive prices for long stay guests.


We understand that when you look into booking accommodation for anything more than a week the price doesn’t look so attractive anymore. We appreciate that you may need to stay in town on business for an extended period of time and that you need a space where you can live and work at an affordable rate. This is why at Roomore we have created the 30-day plus programme where we will give you a better price for your stay. Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with our offer for your extended stay with us.